It was founded 28 years ago. Our head office is located in the town of Zamieście in the Limanowa district. Here we have the main production plant. The company's research and development center is also located here. We design, test and implement innovative and innovative elements for the window decoration. In Dobra there is a wood processing plant and powder paint shop, while our metal and PVC processing plant is located in Andrychów.

Main purpose of our business is to produce curtain poles and roller blinds in the highest quality. Moreover, we also strive to our products become characterised by elegant appearance and usefulness. Another important purpose is to window’s decorations make a positive impact on your mood.

Our priorities are:
The highest quality of manufactured products

The highest quality of customer service

Competitive price

Fast delivery

Karpol creates a group of creative employees, positively oriented towards the world, individualists with analytical minds and interesting ideas. They are able to work separately and at the same time together for a common purpose.


Both the clients and competition value us for high quality of goods and relatively low prices. According to market research KARPOL enjoys a good reputation and takes good position among others manufacturers.

KARPOL is a Pro Ecological company with FSC quality certification

We manufacture our products from materials that meet the relevant quality standards. We use the best granulates for the production of PVC rails as well as the highest quality wood with the approval for the production of wooden curtain rods. We paint metal curtain rods with all attention to detail and high quality paints. During the whole production process, we care about the natural environment.

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