ARTE roller-blind one Big of new proposals of window covers door. Material roller-blind in the case and with tracks which are limiting the permeation of the light source to the minimum and provide stable and long-lasting using roller-blinds. Material is protected before dirtying and leaving a deposit of dust. A colour wide selection of cassettes causes, that after installing the roller-blind she is creating the integral part of the window.

Maximum width of the roller-blind: 135 cm the ceiling of the roller-blind is made conditional on the kind of used material. Elements of the roller-blind:

PCV cassette
Spatial track
Burdening PCV beam
Mechanism self-blocking with the small chain
Aluminium pipe with material rolled up
Legible instruction of the assembly
The assembled roller-blind is in favour of the help of the double-sided adhesive tape to a window frame or can be screwed to the frame. The tape applied by us is ensuring that the roller-blind firmly will be stuck to the window. Paying extra 15 % of catalogue price there is a possibility of using the aluminium case and aluminium tracks.

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