Roller-blind assembled to a skylight of known producers. In one piece she is made of aluminium. He is characterized by a reliable and elegant workmanship.

Roller-blind assembled invasive to the window - screwed with screws

You will find dimensions of standard skylights and roller-blinds adapted for these windows in the bookmark Files downloadable at the bottom of the page, clicking into the link on the Manner of the Measurement of Inside Roller-blinds.

Maximum width of the Roof roller-blind: 120 cm

Ceiling of the Roof roller-blind: 150 cm

Elements of the roller-blind:

aluminium protection
aluminium track
burdening beam aluminium
aluminium pipe with spring and material rolled up
wedges to skylights
legible instruction of the assembly
The roof roller-blind is being assembled to a window frame with screws. We are effecting the assembly screwing tracks to side door frames of the window.

Prestige II - nowoczesne domki
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