The VERTICAL Vertical shutter is made of strong and durable components. It is easy to use and easy to clean. The system of guiding the panels in the form of beads keeps the shutter in one line and facilitates precise returns of the panels. Thanks to this guidance system, the VERTICAL shutter is quick, maneuverable and precisely covers certain window sections. The selection of the full extension side belongs to the customer before purchasing the vertical blind.

It is a practical and comfortable solution for home and public institutions. The vertical properly covers the interior by overheating on hot days. It creates large possibilities for adjusting the light supply. Thanks to the smooth adjustment of the belts, it allows adjusting the lighting to the needs of people in the middle of the room.

The materials from which it is made allow light, so when the window is closed completely and the panels are closed in the room, it is full visibility during the day.

The VERTICAL vertical blind is available in the EDEN color palette

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