A wooden blind is one of the oldest forms of covering the interior against the sun. It enjoys the approval due to the material it is made of and the quality of workmanship. A very big advantage of a wooden blind is its uniqueness and universality at the same time. 

The Karpol company offers wooden blinds with 25 mm and 50 mm wide slats in many always fashionable and timely colors, which allows for a perfect adjustment of the blind to the characteristics and climate of the interior.

The wooden blind with a width of 25 mm slats has the option of invasive and non-invasive assembly. However, a wooden blind with a 50 mm slat width is installed in a way

We offer the possibility to compose the blinds according to individual designer's orders. Wooden blinds blend into the interiors of traditional and modern arrangements, thanks to which they create unique and original compositions. 

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